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Faculty Resources

Data Collection Proposals: 

The Translational Research Center welcomes data collection proposals from faculty members for research assistants or community advisory group support. Submit your request by completing the research project support request.


Results Dissemination Support:

HSRI aims to return research project results back to the communities from which they come. To achieve this, resources are available to support the sharing of study results, including feedback from the Community Advisory Group.  Our dissemination tools are tailored to meet the needs of our communities, using local languages and considering audiences' education levels.  Our methods include:  

  • Hosting Health Awareness Days
  • Providing health education at local schools, health fairs and bringing applied research results to local events
  • Creating collaborative meetings with researchers, advocates, and healthcare providers


Community Feedback: 

Through the Promotores de Salud advisory board,researchers have access to a panel of community stakeholders who can advise researchers on research topics, recruitment and results dissemination. 


Grants Assistance:

  • Resources for HSRI members on grant proposals and applications.